This map, the Beached Leviathan, is the third map I created for the Storm Over Neverwinter adventure. This map is for the “Belly of the Beast” encounter in the third session of the adventure, “City of the Insane”.

Download (53 MB each):
Grid – 3504 x 3840
No Grid – 3504 x 3840

This is probably my favorite map of the adventure. The Beached Leviathan is a really fun location. It’s essentially a ship that ran ashore on the docks of Neverwinter. The ship’s old salty sea captain just gave up on sailing then and decided to convert the whole ship into a nautically-themed Inn & Tavern! Yar! Tis’ a great place for a DM to practice their best pirate speak!

This map is, essentially, a recreation of the already-awesome map by Sean Macdonald in Dungeon #193 (August, 2011 issue). That issue of Dungeon had an incredible profile of the Beached Leviathan and a map that painstakingly represented all those details. Do yourself a favor and try to get your hands on that issue of Dungeon before running Storm Over Neverwinter.

It is, unfortunately, quite difficult to procure a high-resolution digital version of Sean Macdonald’s original map. As such, I decided to take a stab at creating my own version of the Beached Leviathan map while maintaining consistency with the layout as it was officially described in the original source material. There was just too much good stuff to pass up in the original layout – like the Stardeck, Captain Harrag’s secret storage area behind the bar, or the hoistway that elevate/drop players between levels!

Storm Over Neverwinter also came with a small Beached Leviathan map, but it doesn’t even come near to being as awesome or detailed as the one by Sean Macdonald – so I’ve decided to use Mr. Macdonald’s layout in my map and adventure.

As with all the other maps I’ve created for this campaign, I also am including rainy and nighttime variations of the map (as they are pretty important details in Storm Over Neverwinter). I hope you have as much fun with this location and doing your best pirate imitations for Captain Harrag as I did!

About These Maps

When running D&D adventures, I’ve often found myself gathering or creating maps for my party, like many other dungeon masters out there. This is particularly true with some of the older adventures created by Wizards of the Coast and others – which were created in an era before encounters were run on fancy Virtual Table Tops. I’ve decided to start posting the maps I’ve created to my blog under Wizards’ fan creation policy.

These maps are unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.

A major portion of the image assets used in the creation of these maps are provided by Venatus Maps. Venatus Maps create a ton of wonderful maps and assets. I highly encourage all to support their work on Patreon and through their website.