I’m finally getting around to creating the set of resources for the third, and final, adventure in the Beyond Dragon of Icespire Peak trilogy: Divine Contention! As many of your campaigns are outpacing my ability to create content, I’m giving everyone early access to the resources as I create them. The quickest place to get early access to the latest resources will still be my Discord Server. Come and join us there for discussion of these resources, how to DM these adventures, or to influence me on what resources I work on next!

As usual, this post is full of spoilers. Do not proceed if you are planning to be a player in this adventure!

Beyond Dragon of Icespire Peak Resource Packs
  1. Storm Lord’s Wrath
  2. Sleeping Dragon’s Wake
  3. Divine Contention


Shops and POI Cards
NPC Images and Tokens
Other Artwork


Maps are Coming Soon

Shops and Point of Interest Cards

Leilon continues to advance in its rebuilding in Divine Contention. Some new locations have appeared, such as the Tyr Shrine, Quayside, and Knight’s Goblet Inn. Some other areas have changed more subtly – there are different council members at the Fishery, there are new items at Aubrey’s Peculiarities Shoppe, and more. If you’re looking for point of interest cards for Storm Lord’s Wrath or Sleeping Dragon’s Wake, be sure to check out their individual posts to get the appropriate shop cards!

Monster & Creature Artwork/Tokens

Monster and Creature Artwork is Coming Soon

NPC Artwork/Tokens

In Divine Contention, Leilon is more active than ever, with even more NPCs than ever before. I’ve updated the artwork and tokens with the largest cast of characters yet!

Divine Contention NPC Tokens
Divine Contention NPC Tokens

Other Artwork

As with the other two adventures, I’ve provided a “cover” image for the adventure. I’ve also rendered a few various scenes where inspiration struck!

Thank You!

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Fan Content

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