Today I bring you some handy little Phandalin Shop Cards and NPC Artwork for the habitants of Phandalin. I’ve used these Shop Cards with great success in my campaigns, and I hope that you all may find them useful as well!

Shop Cards

The idea behind these shop cards is pretty simple. When players enter a town’s shop, they’re going to want to know what items are available and how much they cost. New players, in particular, don’t even know what sorts of items to ask about. These shop cards were created to give a nice, simple way for players to get acquainted with a shop items, prices, and even the NPCs that may be in the shop or point of interest. None of this, of course, means the player is precluded from haggling!

These shop cards are all designed in a 16×9 aspect ratio so that they are optimally rendered in Virtual Tabletop (VTT) systems (i.e., on televisions on monitors).

The cards were designed in Affinity Publisher (I recommend all the Affinity Products very highly). I’m providing download links to the source Affinity Designer Files in case you’d like to modify the cards to fit your particular campaign. The Solbera Fonts were used in the creation of these cards and you will need to download and install those on your system to modify the tables with the same styling.

Shop Cards (5 MB)
Shop Card Affinity Publisher Source Files (246 MB)

NPC Artwork & Tokens

To give the shop cards a bit more life, I’ve created NPC artwork for many of the main NPCs one will encounter in Phandalin. I’ve also created tokens for each of the NPCs with a neutral-colored token ring for each. I hope you will find these all useful for enhancing your campaign!

NPC Artwork & Tokens (31 MB)

Phandalin NPC Tokens