This map, Newton Tell’s Orchard and Mill, is for the excellent Bad Apples adventure by Dan Coleman. Bad Apples (and Dan Coleman’s work in general) came highly recommended to me by multiple people, so I decided to give this one-shot a… shot. If you’re looking for a wonderfully put-together one-shot, I strongly recommend heading over to DriveThruRPG and picking up a copy for yourself; it’ll cost you less than a cup of coffee!

Spoiler Alert: Many of the map details below will contain spoilers, so I advise you do not read further if you are planning on being a player in this wonderful adventure.

This sizable map depicts a man’s orchard with a cider mill and residence in the middle. The map is dense with details, many of which tie into the adventure. I’ve tried to stay true to the original map’s layout and dimensions, but have added a few extra details mentioned in the adventure’s text. It’s such a great scenario as-is that I tried to keep my poetic license to a minimum here! As with many of my maps, I’m providing a day and night version.

Because this map is quite large and detail-laden, I’ve gone through some effort to make sure the maps details are clear at the resolutions in the downloads, as well as offering this map up at full resolution – a massive 7680 x 10028 pixels (an 8K+ resolution). I’ll caution, however, that most Virtual Tabletop systems will struggle or fail with such a large image file. You may want to use the 4K+ versions of the maps or the individual section maps.


4K+ (3840 x 5014)
Recommended for most VTTs
With Grid – 49 MB
Without Grid – 49 MB

8K+ (7680 x 10028)
With Grid – Day (106 MB)
With Grid – Night (54 MB)
Without Grid – Day (106 MB)
Without Grid – Night (57 MB)
Individual Regions With Grid (80 MB)

New Map Details

I’ve added a number of details throughout the map. Below is a preview of each of the map sections and a quick summary of some of the changes I’ve made to what was included in the original maps.

  • The Bridge: I stuck pretty true to the original map’s details in this region only adding one very-subtle (hopefully) detail. Take a look under the bridge, in the shadow, and you should see the slight bit of a foot sticking out.
  • East Orchard: I’ve added a few additional details from the text to a “crime scene” portion of this map section. You’ll notice a fallen ladder and a bit of subtle blood splatter on the cart near the turned-up soil.
  • North Orchard: I’ve kept the North Orchard here mostly the same as the original layout – only adding the minor detail of a few Apples strewn around the bodies.
  • South Orchard: I’ve added the detail of a few extra arrows in the uprooted tree, as described in the original text.
  • Outbuilding: This section remains largely unchanged. I considered making the stall a little dirtier, but decided this detail in the story is pretty heart-wrenching, and some DMs may wish to leave out the full details of this scene with the group.
  • Storage Sheds: Lots of little details were added here. I’ve tried to show that the Dry Store region has already been rummaged through. In the Shed, I’ve added more of the actual items mentioned in the text description.
  • The Cider Mill: Again, lots of little details added – papers on the bedroom table, the items in the study, the candle burning. I took the most poetic license with my little rendition of the Cider Press itself!

Update: Bonus Map – Bandit Encounter

I’ve added a map for the optional bandit encounter in Bad Apples.

4K (3810 x 2160)
With Grid – 15 MB
Without Grid – 15 MB

About These Maps

When running D&D adventures, I’ve often found myself gathering or creating maps for my party, like many other dungeon masters out there. This is particularly true with some of the older adventures created by Wizards of the Coast and others which were created in an era before encounters were run on fancy Virtual Table Tops. I’ve decided to start posting the maps I’ve created to my blog under Wizard’s fan creation policy.

These maps are unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.

A major portion of the image assets used in the creation of these maps are provided by Venatus Maps. Venatus Maps create a ton of wonderful maps and assets. I highly encourage all to support their work on Patreon and through their website.

Thank You!

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